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  • Finally crush your sugar & carb cravings using my PROVEN Body-Mind-Spirit Framework.
  • Learn to RELAX around eating and get results only God can give as you make food choices based on His Word and plan. 
  • Get SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT from Christian women on the same journey to a healthy, free life.

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Your Host:
Katrina Sequenzia, RN, CHC
Certified Health Coach

Are you stuck in the vicious sugar or carb craving cycle?

Then join me for this FREE 3-Part Video Series!

I will help you finally...

  •  get rid of what's weighing you down so that you can serve God with your best
  •  jumpstart your healthy lifestyle and make your new habits stick
  •  look and feel better, and have the energy to do what you love

In case we haven't met yet... Hi! I'm Katrina.

I help Christian women get their health back so they can live ABUNDANTLY.

Drawing on my decades of experience as a Certified Health Coach and Registered Nurse, along with experience from my own personal health transformation journey (former sugar addict here!), I have coached thousands of women just like you, helping them to transform their life and health by releasing physical burdens of excess weight, low energy and disease, so that they can fully live the life God is calling them to live. 

It's time to break free!

How it works...

  • Once you sign up, I will immediately send you an email with the schedule and all the details. (I'll even send you some bonus training!)
  • When the workshop begins on October 14th, you will receive a daily email with links to that day's live teaching or coaching video. You can watch it live or watch the replay at your convenience. You will have until October 28th to watch the series.
  • BONUS! Each video also includes a workbook packed with food lists, recipes, snack ideas, prayers, and tools to help you fight cravings.
  • PLUS... join me and thousands of other Christian women in a private Facebook Group for support, encouragement, and accountability.

Overview of each video teaching:

Video #1: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14th
The Body-Mind-Spirit Framework

You'll learn a proven framework to break free from cravings and the very first step to take that will start your journey to freedom. 

(spoiler alert: more willpower is not required! Find out what IS.) 

Video #2: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19th
Cravings: Cracking the Code

Can cravings actually be a good thing? You will learn what cravings are really telling you so that YOU can be in control instead of food controlling you.

Discover how to use my powerful HEC Tool and transform your entire day.

Video #3: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21st
The Healthy Free Life Blueprint

Get the entire Blueprint for creating your Healthy Free Life!

Have you ever wondered how to fully reach your health goals? This blueprint will tell you the exact path to take to experience a life full of energy, health, joy and peace.

BONUS! #AskKatrina Anything Coaching Sessions
October 15, 20, 22, 25 & 28

Would you love me to hold your hand through the entire experience?

These bonus #AskKatrina Anything coaching sessions happen throughout the event so that you can get your burning health and food questions answered.

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